Trauma is a completely normal reaction to something stressful or distressing that is usually out of our control and hard to cope with. Left untreated, trauma can overwhelm a person and lead to lasting psychological wounds. Symptoms of trauma can include anxiety, depression, flashbacks, and chronic pain. Those with trauma may also avoid reminders of the trauma and withdraw from social situations.

At Inner Strength Counseling, Tasia Cloutier provides post-induction therapy and both she and Melissa Erickson provide accelerated resolution therapy as part of our services. From our location in Wayzata, MN, we serve the surrounding communities of Excelsior, Shorewood, Chanhassen, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Deephaven, Hopkins, Plymouth, Golden Valley, and St. Louis Park, and provide online treatment for Minnesota residents.

Post-Induction Therapy

Post-induction therapy aims to treat childhood trauma and codependency. It focuses on identifying and addressing the core emotional wounds that stem from dysfunctional family systems and early developmental trauma. This type of therapy helps individuals understand how these early experiences influence their current behavior and relationships. This can help enable them to heal and develop healthier patterns. 

Post-induction therapy involves Tasia looking for primary issues before educating her clients on the nature of trauma, codependency, and how their past can affect their present and future selves. Individuals are able to explore their childhood experiences through guided sessions and see how those core emotional wounds shape their lives. Techniques like inner child work and boundary setting can help people heal and release any pain they've been holding onto. 

Visit the website for more information - Healing Trauma Network | Promoting Growth in PIT and HOCI Therapy

Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Accelerated resolution therapy aims to heal, process, and resolve traumatic memories and their associated symptoms rapidly by using a combination of eye movements and voluntary image replacement to reduce the emotional impact of traumatic experiences. Individuals are asked to visualize the traumatic memory, while Tasia or Melissa use hand movements to guide the person's eye movements (similar to EMDR). Individuals are then encouraged to replace distressing images with positive or neutral ones. 

Visit the website for more information - Accelerated Resolution Therapy - Treating Trauma

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If you have unresolved trauma, let us help aid in your recovery. Tasia and Melissa provide trauma therapy at Inner Strength Counseling in Wayzata, MN, but also serve the surrounding communities of Minnetonka, Plymouth, and the rest of Minnesota online. To book an appointment, click here.

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