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Wondering if you need couples counseling? The team at Inner Strength Counseling in Wayzata, MN, shares just five times it can be beneficial below.

1. Trust Has Been Broken

Whether your other half has hidden money, had an affair, or anything in between, if trust has been broken, it can severely impact your relationship. And it can be difficult to rebuild that trust due to the pain you’re living with. Counseling can help you work through the pain, help dig out the underlying reason that the event occurred in the first place, and help you rebuild a more solid foundation.

2. You Can’t Communicate With One Another Without Arguing

Many couples have reached a point where any time they speak to one another, it becomes a fight. This is typically due to issues that have been building up, such as betrayal, feeling unappreciated, and even small disagreements.

Unfortunately, the feelings compound so much that it can be hard to talk to one another without feeling them. Couples counseling with the team at Inner Strength Counseling in Wayzata, MN, can help work through these compounded issues and get you back to healthy communication.

3. You Have Separate Views On Important Topics

No two people are going to agree on everything, and it’s often the small differences that help bring balance to a relationship. However, when you are on opposing sides of important topics like having kids, how to parent, where you want to live permanently, and finances, it can lead to many disagreements and – sadly – divorce at times. Counseling isn’t about changing opinions but rather helping two individuals see the other person’s perspective and finding a solution together.

4. Either Of You Have Been Hurt or Traumatized in the Past

Too many people bring childhood trauma, previous relationships, and similar things into their new relationship unresolved. Unfortunately, this can color how they interact with their spouse and kids. Getting help both individually and as a couple can help leave past trauma where it belongs – in the past.

5. You Want to Improve Your Relationship

Keep in mind that counseling isn’t just for when things are bad. Couples can benefit when things are going well, too. There is always something new to learn, something that can be strengthened, and new things that life throws your way. Counseling can help you remain a strong and intimate couple.

Keep your relationship healthy and strong through couples counseling by scheduling a session with the team at Inner Strength Counseling at (612) 735-3201. We offer in-person sessions for residents of Minnetonka, Plymouth, and Wayzata, and online throughout Minnesota.

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